Renovating on a tight budget

There are many low-cost options that can make an enormous difference to the look, feel and quality of your bathroom.

Even though the bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, it gets a lot of use – day-in, day-out! If your bathroom has reached the point where it needs a bit of a ‘lift’, there are many low-cost options that can make an enormous difference to the look, feel and quality of your bathroom. Here are a few tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget.

1. Prioritise what really needs to be done

If your bathroom is holding up OK but it’s more the style and colours that you don’t like, you can save a considerable amount of money by leaving the main elements of your bathroom in place and simply making cosmetic changes, such as painting, replacing fixtures and fittings, and accessorising. But before you start, ensure that there are no underlying issues such as water leaks, cracked tiles, or plumbing that needs replacing.

2. Re-paint

If you don’t have a lot to spend, re-painting can be the cheapest but perhaps the most effective way to give your bathroom a new look. For the ceiling and walls, ensure the paint you use has a mould inhibitor and is suitable for bathrooms. There are also several types of tile paint on the market, specifically for painting over old tiles that are still in good condition – fresher, lighter tones can really improve the appearance and ambience of a tired bathroom.

3. Replace fixtures and fittings

This is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your bathroom and also a chance to replace old pieces with new water-saving technology. Caroma has a huge range of quality tapware, toilets, accessories, basins and baths to suit any style and budget, and which can also save you water and energy costs in the long run. Remember, for warranty and safety purposes, it’s best to have a licensed plumber do your plumbing work.

4. Spruce up your vanity

If your vanity is in good condition and has the storage space you need, an easy way to update the look is with a coat of paint (select the correct paint type according to what your vanity is made from) and/or by replacing the vanity top. Replacing the handles is also a low-cost option to modernise the look. If you replace the top of your vanity, remember to comply with the existing tap holes and plumbing to avoid the cost of having a plumber redo the pipework.

5. Accessorise

To finish the look of your newly renovated bathroom, add a pop of colour with some vibrant accessories such as towels, candles or a vase – items that can easily be updated every few years for a new look.